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Ebooks [Jenn Gile] Taking Kubernetes from Test to Production


Jul 12, 2020
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With Kubernetes came many new concepts, particularly around networking and traffic management. Alongside these new concepts were entirely new classes of tools, designed for ephemeral, containerized, and distributed application deployments. In particular, Ingress controllers and service meshes did not exist prior to the Kubernetes era. Nor were Layer 4 and Layer 7 protocols and traffic typically managed from the same control plane. At a granular level, Kubernetes introduces new complexities around security and management. Simple tasks like load balancing are very different in a realm where infrastructure is 100% ephemeral and often moving constantly - both in terms of setting up new instances with fresh IP addresses and geographically moving around the globe.

These new traffic management concepts and tools have the power to vastly improve developer experience and accelerate app development and delivery cycles through greater resilience, higher performance, and better security. But when traffic management is overlooked or under-valued, organizations experience problems that make it challenging to attain that value and can even put the organization at risk. To achieve the Kubernetes dream, teams must understand and manage the traffic in a Kubernetes-native way.

This eBook prepares readers for a journey - from test to production - in the land of Kubernetes. Each chapter offers clear and lucid explanations that can inform a Kubernetes strategy and serve as a reference point for managing the flow of traffic proactively and effectively - from POC to canary, and from blue-green to full production. Insight on useful decision frameworks also help in deciding which traffic management solutions work best (or don't) for specific applications and situations. Complete with reference architectures and instantly usable code examples, this eBook can help readers at any Kubernetes skill level expand their knowledge of Kubernetes traffic management tools and concepts.

With its wealth of quick and clear foundational knowledge, this eBook deserves a place on your cloud infrastructure bookshelf and should become a trusted companion in your quest to master Kubernetes.

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