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Ebooks [Jacqueline Hamilton] CGI Programming 101: Programming Perl for the World Wide Web, Second Edition


Jul 12, 2020
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If you build web pages you may eventually want to add a guestbook, order form, page counter, or other interactive elements to your website. CGI Programming 101 explains how to do this in simple, easy-to-understand terms. The book shows you how to write useful, real-world web programs, starting with simple guestbook forms and building up to more advanced applications.

You'll learn:

* The Basics: where to write your CGI programs; how to upload them and set file permissions; how to run them, and how to debug them when things go wrong
* How to decode form data and save it to a file or e-mail it to yourself
* How to create, read, write, and search data files
* How to use Server-Side Includes to add dynamic content to your web site, plus a complete list of Apache SSI directives
* How to use random numbers for displaying banner ads and random images
* How to redirect visitors to another site
* How to extend your programs by using modules
* How to create a MySQL database, and write programs that interact with databases using the DBI module
* How to build an online shopping cart program
* How to e-mail attachments using a CGI program
* How to write secure programs, and protect your programs against hackers and spammers
* How to password-protect an area of your website

...and more.

The second edition has been substantially revised, with 100 pages of new material. It teaches good programming practices from the beginning, including use of the industry-standard CGI.pm Perl module. You'll learn how to protect your form-to-mail programs from being hijacked by spammers, how to build a cookie-based shopping cart, and how to develop a password-protected website. Quick-reference pages and an improved index help you find information easily.

There are also several online tutorials to help you set up your own web server and write CGI programs on any computer system - including Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix.

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