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Jul 31, 2019
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Currently, the O-S.BIZ forum has a specific set of rules that every forum user must follow. In case of non-compliance and violation of the rules of the forum should be blocked. The term of blocking depends on the type of violation. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability.

Basic rules:
  • The user is forbidden to create topics with a non-informative title, for example, "Help!", "Help !!!", etc...
  • It is forbidden to use CAPS in subject headings. Such topics will be deleted.
  • If the distribution of the product is executed, a reference to the Sale Page is required!
  • When placing reference links, be sure to attach a clean link nearby. Users must have choice rights. Topics that do not contain clean links will be deleted.
  • It is forbidden to use paid link shorteners.
  • It is forbidden to use paid file services.
  • All materials should be uploaded to cloud storage (Mail, Mega, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.).
  • Cheating "Like" is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to open the Hide to other users who do not have access to the Hide.
  • It is forbidden to drain information from the Hide into the public access. Upon detection - ban profile.
  • It is forbidden to flood and spam in any form.
  • Messages are prohibited, such as "Thank you", "Thank you, I will look," "Thanks, helped" will be deleted. There is a special button for expressing gratitude. Such messages will be deleted.
  • It is forbidden to discuss and advertise hype projects.
  • To conduct commercial activities only in a special section.
  • The actions of moderators are not publicly discussed. Send all complaints about moderators to me in PM.
  • It is forbidden to cover the whole topic with a hide (no matter which). All links must be hidden under the Hide.
  • When creating a theme, you need to make sure that the theme corresponds to the section. Subjects that do not correspond to the section will be deleted.
  • It is forbidden to place "simple software", such as archivers, players, and other software that is present on each portal or torrent tracker.
The rules are subject to change and supplement at any time without notice.
Not open for further replies.

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